It is our goal to position Aurous Resources as a leader and innovator in the gold mining sector.

Aurous Resources believes in a mining sector that does minimal harm to the environment and safeguards our precious natural heritage for future generations. We invest in technologies and processes that reduce our mining operation's impact on the environment. Some of the initiatives undertaken by Aurous Resources to shift to cleaner mining operations include, Hydro rock drills and Electric induction replacing diesel heaters.

Aurous Resources is proud to initiate a solar energy project that will see up to 40MW in clean energy generated at a solar farm near Aurous Resources' mining operations on the West Rand. The first phase of the project is currently underway, and will see 10MW in solar energy generated for use at the mine and surrounding community. The first phase will allow Aurous Resources to generate 40% of present energy needs and set the mine on course to generate excess power that can be fed back into the grid in the coming years. The first phase of Aurous Resources' social energy project is currently underway.

This will achieve generating capacity of 10MW, Carbon savings of 24,000 tons per year and water savings of more than 30-million litres per year





Social Responsibility

Aurous Resources works to build healthy relationships with local stakeholders and to support economic development and social upliftment in the Blyvooruitzicht community.

Following the purchase of the mine in 2015, Aurous Resources held regular mass meetings with the community to keep everyone updated on progress, with more than a thousand community members attending.

In partnership with the Local Economic Development Forum, Aurous Resources implements a broad range of projects in line with the broader Social and Labour Plan. 

Aurous Resources is proud to drive a range of local investment initiatives, including:

  • The refurbishment of the local village’s sewerage plant infrastructure
  • Repair and clean-up of the storm water infrastructure
  • Refurbishment of local schools and orphanage through donations and repairs
  • Repairs of general water infrastructure during the mine’s rebuild phase, over a period of three years.