About the company

Aurous Resources operates the Blyvooruitzicht mine near Carletonville on Johannesburg's West Rand, and owns the Gauta tailings retreatment development project. Once one of the largest gold producers on Earth, Blyvooruitzicht occupies a unique place in South Africa's history.

The mine was established in 1937, and milling started in 1942. In its first seven years, the mine yielded 1 563 362 ounces of gold. In its first year listed on the London Stock Exchange, Blyvooruitzicht's share price increased a massive 65 times. 

By the 1950s, Blyvooruitzicht broke the world record for annual gold production twice, and was declared the most profitable mine and largest gold producer in the world.

Formerly known as Doornfontein No 3 Shaft, the mine has outlasted several owners. It acquired its name Blyvoor in 1997.

In 2015, Founder and CEO Richard Floyd purchased the Blyvoor Gold Mine and the Gauta tailings retreatment project and has spent the last 9 yerars re-permitting, re-planning, re-capitilizing, relaunching and bringing back into  high margin production at Blyvoor Gold Mine. Despite the early phase of the ramp up, the mine has been producing at high margin, despite not yet reaching any economies of scale.

Seeing a potentially globally competitive operation, the new management team commenced work to revitalize Blyvoor. The first blast was fired in January 2020, and the first gold pour took place in November of that year.

By November 2022, Blyvoor was selling 100kg of gold per month, with further upgrades to efficiency, scale and growth ongoing. To date, Blyvoor has delivered almost 2 tons of gold to Rand Refinieries.

Aurous Resources' management team continues to expand the mine's facilities, improve its operational efficiency, and establish a world-class profitable mining asset with outstanding long-term prospects.

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Our Team

Richard Floyd - Executive Director
Richard Floyd
Chief Executive Officer
Alan Smith - Chief Executive Officer
Alan Smith
Executive Chairman
Pieter du Preez - Chief Financial Officer
Pieter du Preez
Chief Financial Officer
Izak Marais - Chief Operating Officer
Izak Marais
Chief Operating Officer
Lebusa Meso
Non Executive Director